Pet Food PRO: Functional hydrocolloid blends for wet pet food

Pet Food PRO: Functional hydrocolloid blends for wet pet food

Inside the third number of Pet Food Pro magazine, published in September 2021, you can find our article on the use of functional hydrocolloid blends to improve wet pet food characteristics.  

Hydrocolloids are hydrophilic polymers from vegetable, animal or microbic source that generally contain many hydroxyl groups. They are added to pet food products to improve their gelling and thickening properties. 

Single hydrocolloids are characterized by several technological properties, however finding the right product for each application can be difficult and expensive. On the contrary, with the combination of different hydrocolloids together, it is possible to obtain a greater effect than the sum of the single hydrocolloids’ individual effects and it is easier to reach a final product with the requested properties.

Moreover, hydrocolloids blends require a lower dosage and they are easier to use during the production process, allowing time and cost savings.

Thanks to the experience inside Barentz Group, we are able to develop specific blends with functional properties able to satisfy the needs of all wet pet food (pouches, pâté’s and also chunks-in-jelly, chunks-in-loaf and chunks-in- grave) or application. In fact, we can provide instructios on how to best ustiliza our functional hydrocolloids blends during the production processes. 

Sevecom's solutions containing hydrocolloids can be divided based on their functionality: creation of gel, meat emulsion, natural juice. 

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